Wedding Videography is something that many people getting married tend to actually think of as an option compared to a ‘must have’ for a Photographer. But a great wedding video with its moving images, soundtrack, and those fun and emotional speeches, can bring the whole day and all of those special feelings flooding back much more than a book of photos ever could.

There is a certain stigma about wedding videos from a few decades ago where videographers turned up with a huge “video”camera, blinding light and microphone on a pole which made every guest weary of the very obvious presence of a camera recording their every move. THEY DO STILL EXIST SO BEWARE WHO YOU BOOK!
Nervous, self conscious guests are never a good thing to watch.


The cameras I use are much smaller, and unless pitch black, no blinding light is needed to make everyone squint and look shocked!

Most guests usually think I’m just a photographer due to my main camera looking like a DSLR and then don’t realise they are actually being filmed :-)

My cameras are also interchangeable lens cameras, meaning that I can get that “cinematic” background blur and high end look compared to many videographers who use fixed lens traditional video cameras. Apart from guests knowing that it’s a video camera, they video they produce can sometimes look like wobbly amateur home movies with a flat and lifeless image in comparison to my cinema camera. I take a lot of care to make sure my footage is nice and smooth and wobble free!


I’m David and I film and edit every event, sometimes with a 2nd camera operator, but usually on my own. I don’t send random people to film you, this means that the style and format of each film is consistent, but at the same time as unique as you and your big day.
This is my new Canon C100 MkII, the perfect wedding & events camera! Small, unobtrusive, looks like a DSLR but gives high quality HD footage, and having interchangeable lenses means I can get much more of a cinematic look with blurred backgrounds compared to guys who use fixed lens videocameras!

I work with your Photographer, to film the day as it happens, creating an unobtrusive video capturing the parts you may forget just from looking at your photos – the moments in between shots where people think the camera isn’t on them.

I don’t get you to do cheesy pieces to the camera (unless this is what you want, of course), I’ll tell you on the day to just ignore me, I aim to be as discrete as possible when filming, as this yields the most natural results. I love it when you tell me “We hardly even knew that you were there!”

For the main parts (ceremony, speeches & first dance) I use multiple cameras to capture as many angles as I can. This makes a much more dynamic film to watch, flicking between viewpoints, keeping costs low but keeping production values high. Many videographers who use a single camera can’t get more than one angle, especially during the ceremony when you can’t move around, so things can be easily missed! If they do attempt to move during your vows or a speech, there will be a big wobble in your film which can’t be edited out, where I would just cut to another camera!

I film every wedding how I wanted my wedding filmed, and try to capture as many details as I can find to make sure that as much as possible is covered while I am there.

This is my full time job, I’m not a weekender topping up my main 9-5 job with a bit of extra cash, it’s my livelihood, my brand, my business, and it’s your special day, so it HAS to be done right.

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