The industry standard for wedding video editing time is 16 weeks, and while we feel that it honestly is nice to forget some things from your big day before re-living them again on film, we aim for 6-10 weeks maximum.

Each film is different, and being a creative process, some can take much longer before we are happy that they ‘work’ and flow properly compared to others which may fall together very quickly. There is no way that we would let anyone see them until we feel that they are the best they can be, so this is a reason we can’t give an exact date for when you will see your preview.

We also operate a queueing system which is based on when you initially booked, and when you sent in your list of music (Montage & Traditional packages only).
We can’t add you to the queue until we have your list of songs, so please be aware of this, especially during peak season as other people will jump in front of you until we receive your list. This can delay your film hugely.


By David (Videographer & Post Production)

Editing takes a lot of time and patience (30-50+ hours on most weddings), it can’t just be thrown together in a day, it takes this just to compile the good bits of your footage.

For our Montage films, I then have to choose the most suitable songs from your list that works with the footage and helps to tell the story of your day. It’s not a simple case of putting a song over your footage, it’s all perfectly timed and thought out to fit the different parts of your day.

This good footage then has to be cut down to the very best bits, and timed to your music. This is one of the most time consuming parts and is very unpredictable. Rest assured I won’t stop until it’s right.

When it’s all flowing perfectly to the music, the footage then has to stabilised to make the footage silky smooth. I take a lot of care to make sure my footage doesn’t look all wobbly and handheld like many others I see, and when filming I use a combination of fluid head Monopods and Tripods to achieve this. Some shots however still need a little work in post production.

After this, there is one last big job to do, and that is colour correction and colour grading.
The cameras I use, shoot in a very flat colour profile which enables me to get the most detail out of your footage during editing.
The colour, contrast and sharpening, as well as white balance correction has to be added to each small clip to bring out those details and give your film the desired “look” as seen in the image below. Again, being a creative process, it can take varying amounts of time to achieve the final grade and make your film come to life.11987196_1655239891361031_6749234602872210170_n

Finally, it’s a case of watching through the whole film a few times, checking for any problems, making sure it’s as good as it can be, and then adding the finishing touches such as fade transitions between clips, voice audio adjustments and titles before it’s ready to be rendered into one long film and then uploaded for you to preview online.

However much you want to see your film, I can’t and won’t rush the editing, it has to be right. I have worked on some that have taken over 100 hours of editing time (with no extra charges to the clients, not great business sense I know!) just to make sure that they love it when they see it for the first time.

Please please please be patient, especially during peak times as most videographers are hired in the summer and Christmas so we have to make the most of these months, sometimes filming 3 or 4 weddings per week, which then creates the dreaded queue.

But as it says at the start of this page, and I do believe it, once you have had your photos and started forgetting parts of your day again, hopefully when you see your wedding film, it will bring it all back to life, show you things that you have missed, and be worth the wait :-)


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