Becky & Nathan 2nd June 2016 – Hoar Cross Hall -“Signature Montage” Wedding Film

Becky & Nathan have been kind enough to let us share their “Signature Montage” wedding film in full.

Becky also allowed me to film some of her bridal preparations, which is always a nice way to start telling the story of their day.

What an amazing day, Hoar Cross Hall is a stunning venue, and getting married at the church next door is perfect. Becky & Nathan were great to work with, Nathan is after all the “Selfie King” so the day was filled with smiles along with a lot of emotion, just as a wedding should be.

Again, from client feedback, along with the vows during the ceremony, I now also include a toast from each speech in the film compared to previously when there were just clips with music over them. And these speeches were very good!

If you are thinking of booking, this is another one of my favourites from this year and a more up to date example of my work.

Thank you Becky & Nathan for letting me capture your special day, I’m so glad that you love your film and will be watching it for years to come! :-)

“Hi David,
 Becky wouldn’t let me watch it until we both got home……..and Wow, was it worth the wait!!!! Now that we have both blown our noses and wiped the tears from our eyes I can very happily say that you did an amazing job on our very special day, we couldn’t have dreamed of having a video as fantastic as what we just saw. So, a massive thank you for your effort.
 Your choice of songs was excellent, we love the audio in the speeches, and your attention to detail really was superb. We are over the moon with the result and are desperate to share it…….but don’t worry, we will wait for the DVD!!!!
 We would recommend you to anyone and if you need a review or anything like that just let us know and we would be happy to. It took us ages to make a decision on who to go with for our video as it means so much to us. We are very happy that we chose you as you, David.
Nathan & Becky”


Stephanie & Lee – 7th May 2016 Pendrell Hall Wedding Film

Stephanie & Lee have been kind enough to let us share their wedding film in full.

This is a great example of our unique Montage films, as they also had our minicams to film themselves the night before their big day and the early parts of their preparations, giving a nice personal touch.

Such a great day, I went to film the bridal preparations and also Dad’s reaction to Stephanie when she was ready to go, it really was a special moment.

Along with the vows during the ceremony, I now also include a toast from each speech in the film compared to previously when there were just clips with music over them. It just seems to add a little extra emotion to the whole thing.

Please have a watch if you are thinking of booking, this is definitely one of my favourites from this year :-)



Rebecca & Stuart Teaser – Delbury Hall, Shropshire 15th August 2015

I get to work at some amazing places, but today’s venue is definitely added to my best of the best list!
It was Rebecca & Stuart’s big day at the amazing Delbury Hall.
Awesome day, awesome couple and perfect day, thank you for having me & congratulations!

Since I’ve had my new camera, I have wanted to start posing a‪#‎30secondteaser‬ from the weddings I film to show a sneak peak of the special day & happy couple, rather than photos.
So here is the first one from Rebecca & Stuart’s wedding @ Delbury Hall – The Coach House Wedding Venue on Saturday!
I hope you enjoy – David


Just a little reminder of 2014’s amazing weddings, to the wedding song of the year : Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud  (as predicted by me!) 

Thank you to all of our Brides & Grooms, and their families & friends for making us feel so welcome on your special days.

If you are looking to book for 2015, give this a watch, this is what we do!

(it is HD so you may need a fast wifi connection if on mobile or tablet, let it load a little first)