Carbyne Media was visualised in 2013 by me, David, who at the time was working in websites and product photography.


I have always been the one with a camera on nights out, parties, weddings and events, filming and photographing everything to capture memories for everyone involved.

After filming some weddings for friends, family and acquaintances in 2012 & 2013, for fun more than anything, my love for weddings and capturing those special memories grew, the best part being when the brides and grooms saw the finished product and were overjoyed.

I finally left my very secure full time job where I had worked for 15 years, to pursue my dream, and started Carbyne Media on 1st January 2014.


I hate to see weddings with no Videographer, it’s such a shame that all of the effort that has gone into creating that special day, along with the emotion and the people that may not be with us for much longer will only be remembered in photos and a few wobbly iPhone videos.

So I decided to make it my mission to make wedding films affordable and a ‘must have’ like a photographer, rather than a luxury or expense too far. Also, they must be modern, quality, fun, emotional, natural and not cringeworthy like the old fashioned videos of yesteryear.

Since then, we have attended over 100 weddings and events, gaining more and more experience, exposure and happy clients at each one.

When I say “We” I am referring to my sister Helen who is also into photography and video and acts as my 2nd shooter when required. We also work with Simon if Helen is photographing a wedding, so we are all part of the Carbyne Media team.

We love what we do, Carbyne Media is something I live and breathe, I’m constantly working all hours to build the brand and to be the best at what we do, and I won’t stop until we are the go-to place for quality affordable wedding films :-)

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